Don’t put your family at risk when travelling overseas

Active Medical Centre - Travel Vaccinations

Too many families are putting themselves at risk of disease and delays in their travel because they think it’s too hard and time consuming to organise travel vaccinations before their trip.

Dr Victor Sammut said there seemed to be a mistaken belief in the community that you always need at least two visits to the doctor to organise the appropriate vaccines for a holiday destination.

“It’s actually a lot easier than that. Active Medical stocks many vaccines onsite, so if booked in advance, you may only need one visit to be vaccinated.” 

“During that visit you will see your doctor, who can assess your requirements and organise for one of our nurses to administer any vaccinations straight away,” Dr Sammut said.

The key is to book your travel consult well in advance to ensure you are properly vaccinated prior to travelling overseas.

“Our friendly receptionists can assist in organising appointments for you and your family for travel consultations. You will need to advise our team that you are seeking vaccinations, and inform us about your destinations and travel dates,” Dr Sammut said.

“It’s not unusual for us to see complete families – all at the same time – to receive their travel vaccinations. If you give us prior notice, we can make it simple.”

The consequences of not receiving travel vaccinations includes becoming ill while you’re on holidays, coming back with an illness, or in cases such as Yellow fever vaccination, not being allowed to travel between countries. If you’re travelling to certain countries, such as tropical Africa and Latin America, a yellow fever vaccination and certificate may be required to enter or exit an infected country, and you can only get that from a specially accredited centre such as Active Medical.

“The last thing you want to find out at the airport is that you can’t travel or that you’re stuck in a foreign country,” Dr Sammut said.

“And it’s a mistake to judge your potential risk of disease on Australian standards of hygiene and food preparation. Many countries don’t have the same infrastructure and set hygiene standards as we’re used to here – that means there is a much greater risk of food-borne and mosquito-borne disease.”

The best way to protect your family when travelling overseas is to make a booking to speak to your GP about travel vaccinations. Book online or phone 039363 0954. Active Medical is located at 228 – 232 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs.