Health Checks
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Health Assessment & Checks

Caroline Springs Doctors

Regular Health Assessments are an important tool in actively caring for your health and should be part of your preventative health routine – at all stages of your life.

Caroline Springs GPs offer Health Assessments and Preventative Health Checks to minimise the risk of disease and help identify potential issues. Consulting from Active Medical in Caroline Springs.

Bulk Billed Health Checks offered include:

  • Kids Health Checks
  • Health Assessments for patients aged 45 to 49 years old
  • Annual Men’s Health Checks
  • Conception, Pregnancy & Women’s health checks
  • Annual Health Checks for patients aged 75-years and more.

There are also other health assessments available including Pre-Diabetes Health Checks and Employment Assessments. Other assessments may also be appropriate as part of your Chronic Disease Management.

Taking an active interest is your ongoing health is one of the best preventative measures you can take to ward off chronic disease. When speaking to your GP, why not ask about which health assessments are appropriate for your age and current state of health.

Lessen your risk of a range of diseases including cardiovascular, diabetes, asthma and respiratory conditions, kidney disease, stroke and cancer by assessing your health, and then working with your Caroline Springs doctor to make the lifestyle and medical changes you need to maintain the best possible health.

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