Protect yourself against Influenza

Vaccinations are key to protecting your family from dangerous complications resulting from contracting influenza viruses, which could lead to hospitalisation, according to Dr Sammut at Active Medical in Caroline Springs.

Dr Sammut said too many people confused common cold symptoms with having a ‘flu’, which led to them thinking that influenza was nothing to worry about.

The chance of a healthy person getting the flu in an average year is 10-20% with influenza viruses passing from person to person mostly by coughing or sneezing. Antibiotics do not help if you have the flu.

“Viral Influenza can in fact be very dangerous, especially for people over 65, young children, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems or chronic illnesses. For these people, influenza can lead to pneumonia, severe respiratory distress and even heart failure – if you are short of breath, see your doctor.”

The best way to protect your family from influenza is to be immunised, so you don’t bring the virus home and help reduce the spread of the virus throughout the community. Also, make sure your vulnerable loved ones are immunised to protect them from flu-related complications.

‘Each year the Federal Government develops a new influenza vaccine designed to protect people from particular strains of the virus. “Influenza vaccinations offer you 70-90% protection from the virus – that’s why it’s important to have a vaccination each year.” Dr Sammut said. “You may not be protected against new strains of the influenza virus unless you keep your vaccinations up to date. The best time to be vaccinated is as early as possible in autumn.”

Make a booking to receive the influenza vaccine online by selecting the Flu Vaccine Clinic Appointment Diary. Active Medical is located at 228 – 232 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs.