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Skin & Mole Checks Caroline Springs

Caroline Springs Skin Health Checks 

With two in every three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer before they are 70, it’s important to have regular skin checks to ensure early detection of cancer or pre-cancerous lesions.

Active Medical supports GPs who consult from our facility with a special interest in skin health. They perform regular skin checks to keep your family safe, as well as provide onsite treatment – where appropriate.

At Active Medical Caroline Springs we provide skin health services including:

Skin/Mole Checks – the GP will check your body for suspicious looking moles and monitor any skin changes.

Cyro/Cautery – which uses extreme cold to remove abnormal skin tissue and warts.

A Skin Health Check takes just 15 minutes and involves a GP undertaking a systematic review of your skin paying particular attention to spots, moles, blemishes and sun-damaged skin.

It’s especially important to have a Skin Health Check yearly if you or your family have a history of sun damaged skin, skin cancer or melanoma or if you have moles or areas of concerns.

When booking your Skin Check, be sure to tell our friendly team exactly the nature of your appointment – so we have enough time for this important preventative health check.

Book a skin check now by calling 03 9363 0954 or BOOK ONLINE. Active Medical is located at 228-232 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs.