Thunderstorms can trigger Asthma

AM Asthma Storm Storm Season

During Spring GPs see an increase in patients needing help with allergies brought on by airborne allergens that can trigger Asthma.

Changes in weather conditions including thunderstorms, wind, dust and pollen in the air can trigger asthma, a condition that should never be under-estimated.

In 2016 Melbourne hospitals were inundated with patient admissions as a result of a thunderstorm late in November. This resulted in the worst case of Thunderstorm Asthma seen anywhere in the world.

Asthma is unpredictable and can begin at any age – if you notice a child with symptoms, it is essential to seek medical advice as soon as you can. Same goes for adults – just because you didn’t suffer from asthma as a child, doesn’t mean it’s not going to affect you as an adult.

If you are Asthmatic it’s important to ensure that you have an Asthma Action Plan and that it is reviewed at least once a year. This initiative was started by the National Asthma Council to help people control their symptoms better. The idea behind the plan is to put in place a strategy for the day to day management of Asthma; including days when our asthma is stable and days when it seems worse. We consider this to be important.

Please come and see your doctor if you:

  • Suffer from coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Have asthma and don’t have an asthma action plan
  • Are low on asthma medications or haven’t reviewed your medications for a year or more. Your doctor can review your current dose to stop, reduce or increase depending on your clinical history and situation
  • Are using Ventolin at a daily or even weekly rate
  • Would like to understand how to identify asthma symptoms – so you can better care for your health, as well as your family

Asthma can be managed with the right medical advice so it’s important to work together with our doctors to get on top of your symptoms.

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