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Who is eligible for a BULK BILLED travel consultation? 

All patients with a current Medicare Card.

In the past I have paid for a travel consultation, why has this changed?

Previously Medicare did not approve bulk billing for travel consultations. Medicare has now deemed this service eligible for bulk billing.

Why book a travel consultation?

A travel consultation is required to discuss your travel locations and personal situation with your GP. Your doctor will recommend vaccines based on where you intend to travel and your own medical history. During your visit you will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with the vaccines. It will help you to plan the cost and timeline of your vaccines, to make sure you are fully immunised before you travel.

Are there fees for travel vaccines?

Yes. The cost of travel vaccines are not covered by Medicare or the Australian Immunisation Schedule. Please speak to your doctor, nurse or receptionist to find out about the fees for travel vaccines.

Why aren’t travel vaccines eligible for bulk billing through Medicare?

Due to the costs associated with producing vaccines, the Australian government does not cover travel vaccines. 

For more information about Vaccines supplied by the Australian Government, please refer to the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Will there be a fee to administer travel vaccines in addition to the cost of the travel vaccine?

In addition to the cost of the travel vaccine, you will NOT be charged a fee for the nurse to administer the vaccine providing the vaccine is purchased from Active Medical.

If you have purchased your vaccine from a different location, you will be required to pay an out of pocket cost of $30 to cover the cost of a nurse to administer the vaccine.

Why purchase vaccines from Active Medical?

Time and care is taken at Active Medical to provide 24 hour monitoring of ALL vaccines. Our team follow strict guidelines to ensure only the highest quality vaccine is given to our patients. It is important to have vaccines stored at the correct temperature and monitored carefully. The only way we can be sure that you receive the maximum benefit of your vaccine is to make sure your vaccine has been stored and administered correctly.

How long will a travel consultation take?

A 30 minute appointment with your doctor is recommended. This will ensure there is an adequate amount of time for your Doctor to discuss your travel plans, recommended vaccines and your own personal health requirements.

How soon before I travel should I book a travel consultation?

Ideally you should see your doctor at least six weeks before you intend to travel to have time to plan your immunisations. Some immunisations need a schedule of repeat doses. Each person’s travel plans and health needs are unique, so timelines will vary. 

What if I decide not to have a travel consultation or vaccine before travelling?

The consequences of not receiving travel vaccinations includes becoming ill while you’re on holidays, coming back with an illness, or in cases such as Yellow fever vaccination, not being allowed to travel between countries. If you are travelling to certain countries, such as tropical Africa and Latin America, a yellow fever vaccination and certificate may be required to enter or exit an infected country. Certificates and Yellow Fever vaccines can only be provided from a specially accredited centre such as Active Medical.

How do I book a travel consultation?

You can book a recommended 30 minute appointment via our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM. Alternatively phone our friendly reception team at Active Medical on 03 9363 0954 and advise them you would like to book a travel consult. 

Active Medical is located at 228 – 232 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs.